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How to make asteroids in 3D Studio Max
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This tutorial will teach you how to create realistic looking asteroids using 3DS Max.



Step 1: Create a sphere of any size. Under the Parameters tab, put “100” in Segments to ensure there will be no jaggies around the asteroids and to make it smooth.


Step 2: Go into the Modifier dialog and apply a noise modifier. In the Noise parameters, apply these values: Seed 2, Scale 30, Click on the Fractal
Checkbox, X 40, Y 5, Z 20.

3ds Max asteroid tutorial step 2

Step 3: Now that we’ve got our basic asteroid shape, it’s time to give it a material. This is what will make it seem real. In the main window, press M.
The material editor box will pop up. Choose any box. Under shader properties, choose Blinn (this will give it realistic shading). Specular level 5 & Glossiness 25.

Now we're going to give it a material.
Next to Diffuse click the little box that has an “M” in it. When the window pops up, choose Bitmap. Go into your 3D Studio Max directory into 3Dsmax5\maps\Space and choose Moon.jpg, this will be the material for the asteroid. Now, go back to the main material window. Under the maps properties, click the checkbox next to Bump and set the value to 100. Click the box next to it and choose Bitmap and choose the same moon.jpg as before. Now if you want to see how the material will look in the scene, click the little blue checkered box.

Your asteroid will now look like this:

3ds Max asteroid tutorial step 3

Step 4: You’ve got your asteroid now. This is the long part. If you want to make more than 1 asteroid, all you have to do is clone the asteroid. You can clone it by selecting the asteroid, then click on Edit-Clone (on the top bar next to File) and click OK. You can rotate it, scale it to different sizes and move it around.

To make the process quicker, you select the two asteroids and click Group-Group and both asteroids become one. Now you clone them and you get 2 instead of 1. Keep selecting all the asteroids then group them. It multiplies, so you don’t have to do each one separately.

3ds Max asteroid tutorial step 4


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